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Dedicated AC service provider in India offering on-time AC repair, AC routine, and maintenance services at all PIN Codes in India. Hire us to get expert AC service

  • Window AC Routine Service
    Routine Service (Window AC)
    • Deep Cleaning of AC for fresh air
    • Filter, coils etc. cleaned with water
    • Checks the elements properly
    ₹ 499/-
    *T&C Apply

    Note: Price may vary according to Distance, Brand, Model & Condition of Products

  • Split AC Routine Service
    Routine Service (Split AC)
    • Deep Cleaning of AC for fresh air
    • Filter, coils etc. cleaned with water
    • Checks the elements properly
    ₹ 599/-
    *T&C Apply

    Note: Price may vary according to Distance, Brand, Model & Condition of Products

  • Split AC Routine Jet Service
    Routine Jet-Service (Split AC)
    • Deep Cleaning of AC for fresh air
    • Filter, coils etc. cleaned with water
    • Checks the performance of the air conditioner
    ₹ 999/-
    *T&C Apply

    Note: Price may vary according to Distance, Brand, Model & Condition of Products

  • Window AC Repair Service
    Repair Service (Window AC)
    • Checks the elements properly
    • Checks all the wears and tears of the wires
    • Checks the performance of the air conditioner
    • Troubleshoots the problem in an efficient manner
    ₹ 499/-
    *T&C Apply

    Note: Price may vary according to Distance, Brand, Model & Condition of Products

  • Split AC Repair Service
    Repair Service (Split AC)
    • Checks the elements properly
    • Checks all the wears and tears of the wires
    • Checks the performance of the air conditioner
    • Troubleshoots the problem in an efficient manner
    ₹ 599/-
    *T&C Apply

    Note: Price may vary according to Distance, Brand, Model & Condition of Products

  • Window AC Installation Service
    Installation (Window AC)
    • Include Fixing of AC stand in Windows
    • Connect inlet AC assembly to Air Conditioner
    • Connect electricity supply to Air Conditioner
    • Check Window AC functions after installation
    ₹ 549/-
    *T&C Apply

    Note: Price may vary according to Distance, Brand, Model & Condition of Products

  • Window AC Uninstallation Service
    Uninstallation (Window AC)
    • Dismantle of Air Conditioner from Window
    • Dismantle of inlet AC assembly form Air Conditioner
    • Disconnect electricity supply to Air Conditioner
    • Pack Air Conditioner at place
    ₹ 399/-
    *T&C Apply

    Note: Price may vary according to Distance, Brand, Model & Condition of Products

  • Split AC Installation Service
    Installation (Split AC)
    • Include Fixing of Air Conditioner stand on wall
    • Connect inlet AC assembly to Air Conditioner
    • Connect electricity supply to Air Conditioner
    • Check Split AC functions after installation
    ₹ 1349/-
    *T&C Apply

    Note: Price may vary according to Distance, Brand, Model & Condition of Products

  • Split AC Uninstallation Service
    Uninstallation (Split AC)
    • Dismantle of AC stand from Windows
    • Dismantle/Fixed Front air grill
    • Disconnect electricity supply to Air Conditioner
    • Pack Air Conditioner at place
    ₹ 799/-
    *T&C Apply

    Note: Price may vary according to Distance, Brand, Model & Condition of Products

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Usage of Masks & Gloves

Usage of masks & gloves

Tempreture checks

Tempreture checks

Sanitization Tools

Sanitization of tools & area

Aarogya Setu to Ensure Safety

Arogya Setu to ensure safety


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Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

Imagine on the hottest day you AC has suddenly stop working, and you are at the wits end what to do. You need to find a reputed AC repair service provider to save you before you melt. This is where AC Service Center comes into play. It is the most trusted AC repair service provider with branches all across the country. AC maintenance is not an easy job, so let the expert handle it. We have the experience and the right knowledge to handle all the air conditioning complications.

Some Common Problems Of AC

  • Water leakage from AC while it is on
  • Foul smell coming all the time
  • Unexpected noise from the AC once put on
  • Faulty wiring within the machine
  • Room is not cooling even with AC put on till 15 minutes

Service Offered By AC Service Center

Installation or Uninstallation Services:  Thinking about moving to a new place or buying a new AC for your home, AC Service Center will take care of installing as well as uninstalling your AC. They provide for all the maintenance of air conditioner services at reasonable rates.


AMC of ac refers to annual maintenance contract or AMC For AC. In this, the customer can avail to the services of the expert like changing of fan or compressor or changing the remote of the AC to the guarantee period written in AC AMC contract. The AMC period could be anywhere between one year to five years or more.

AC AMC Price List

The AMC also have other services in which the customer has to pay extra chargers like for changing air filters, circuit breaker, etc. The AMC format for AC could be different according to the brand you choose. AC AMC price list could also vary from location to location, i.e., from across the country. Air conditioner AMC is a routine check-up to the guarantee period too.

AC Repairs: AC Service Center takes care of the home air conditioner maintenance. We provide several repair services such as changing air filters, compressor or faulty wires.  Cleaning the AC is also a common problem among the owners as if you are not aware of the technical parts. AC Service Center provides trained expert engineers to take care of your all AC related repairs or issues as well as cleaning any AC.

Wet AC Repairs: Water leakage is also a significant problem which many AC owners face. The water leakage could be caused by the growth of molds or due to small insects stuck in the air filters. AC Service Center makes sure that your home air conditioner maintenance is their top priority and provides you with prompt and quick service. 

AC Piping Services: If you have damaged pipes or need to change the old pipes of your AC you could call AC Service Center repair service provider to get a quality product at reasonable and fixed price rate. You could get pipes for any brand or type to be it industrial, commercial, or for personal use.

AC Ducting Services: Another service provided by AC Service Center is that of AC ducting as well as duct cleaning services. Ducting is an integral part of an AC as they help get the hot air out and make the room cool.

AC Maintenance Service 

AC Service Center is not only one of the leading AC repair service provider but also trusted by many. They have expert professionals' engineers who make sure that your AC is looked after. They also provide for quick and prompt service within 4 hours of the call time. They offer a range of services as well as a quality product at reasonable rates.

The employees are friendly and patiently listen to all your problems with a smile on their face. AC Service Center also has branches across the country to help you avail the services from any part of the country with the right services. They also cater to different types of AC like a window, split, portable, and even to different brands of AC available in the market.

Room size AC capacity

Up to 100 sq.ft

o.8 ton

Up to 150 sq.ft

1.0 ton

Up to 200 sq.ft

1.5 ton

Up to 250 sq.ft

2.0 ton

AC Service Center has a toll free number to help the customer come to them with any AC repair problems that they have. They cater to all your issues with the utmost urgency and provide excellent services for maximum customer satisfaction. Make sure you avail the services of this leading AC repair provider for all your AC related problems. Get it done by the right technicians to get the correct servicing done. It is the one stop shop for your entire Maintenance AC problem from any part of the country at the best AC AMC charges. Thus purchase your AC AMC agreement today only.

AC Service Center- We Know the Best Possible Ways to Solve your Air Conditioner Problems

 Air conditioner truly has changed the way as to how people battle the hot tropical and equatorial summers. With the right kind of AC model, you get to set up the perfect room temperature for your home without any doubt.

 Also, air conditioners now come with so many models and make that they are straightforward to install. We at AC Service Center do all kinds of window AC maintenance so that your air conditioner could provide you with long years of service and you do not have to face a lot of hassle with it. 

Why is AC annual Maintenance so Crucial?

To maximize the life of your air conditioner maintenance and service with our assistance would genuinely help you in increasing the efficiency of your air conditioner. We provide you with reliable AMC charges for air conditioner.

With the optimal performance, the air conditioner would live long and would give you advantages of a cooling system according to your requirements. Also, when you go for AC service you know you would be saving more money. The more efficiently the AC is, the less would it consume energy and put a stop to your high electricity bills, helping you save money with AC AMC format.

The air conditioner absorbs all the warm air from the interiors and then transfers it to the outside, thus lowering the temperature of the insides. People who live in the tropical areas know how hot sultry summers are and to get a good night sleep or to work comfortably inside your office, air conditioners truly works wonders and is a miracle.

The AC maintenance charges with us are affordable, and we sure would not put a dent in your pocket. Trust us when it comes to reliable services and AC maintenance as we provide you with only the best and nothing short of that.

One of the significant components of the air conditioner that plays a vital role in cooling your surrounding or the interior is the condenser coil. But the more you use your AC, the more dirt would be accumulated in it, and thus the efficiency or the working of the air conditioner would slow down. It could also damage other parts of the air conditioner if you do not take care of it. Thus it is essential that you go for AC maintenance contract for servicing your AC at the right moment.

What are the Various AC Problems that Require Servicing?

Talk to our customer care for AMC contract for AC. There are so many reasons behind why your air conditioner could stop working, and the major one would be a dirty filter or maybe a clogged filter. It depends on the company from which you have purchased your AC to know what kind of screen had been used.

It could work efficiently for three months or are reusable. We provide you with the best AC maintenance near me, and thus you get service pretty fast without waiting for long. The AC maintenance cost India with us is cheap, and providing you with affordable service is our motto.

We also provide you with service if you are facing any problem with your AC thermostat. The thermostat performs the function of maintaining your room temperature so that you can stay within a comfortable temperature. If the thermostat stops working, then the efficient managing of the air conditioner becomes a tough call. Air conditioner annual maintenance makes sure that all the parts are checked thoroughly and if necessary are replaced as soon as possible with quality parts. We are your one-stop solution for your queries and service related problems regarding air conditioner.

With us, you get the advantage of air conditioner annual maintenance contract, and we provide for all kinds of makes and models of AC be it window AC, split AC, commercial AC or AC that are meant for the schools and colleges like portable AC.

What Services do you Get When you go for Air Conditioner Maintenance?

Electricity is a very crucial part of running the AC. Thus if there is any problem with the Capacitor, fuse or the breakers, then that would be replaced during servicing.

It is changing of Compressor so that it could provide energy to the refrigerant.

Replacing of the condenser coils.

Refrigerant is what makes the room temperature low. If there is a leak, then the pipe should be mended.

Drainage should be leak free. If there is a leakage, then there would be damage.

What Are The Signs That Would Determine Whether You Require Air Conditioner Maintenance And Service Or Not?

If you see that your air conditioner is blowing out hot air where the job of an air conditioner is to give you cold air, then it is high time that you call AC Service Center and take advantage of air conditioner maintenance companies. Moisture near your air conditioning unit would tell you that there is a leakage in the AC system. An expert from our company would be able to provide you with the assistance that you require and that too at a low air conditioner maintenance service cost.

Get Your AMC Format For The Air Conditioner To Get An Idea About Air Conditioner Services

We believe in providing only the best service so that your air conditioner can run effortlessly and have longevity. AMC for an air conditioner is the best way to make sure that you get no surprise replacement problems with your AC.

Trust us when you are looking for a solution to all your AMC of air conditioner troubles as we provide you way out for all your air conditioner problems with our expert guidance.

AC Service Center- Look Nowhere Else For AC Servicing As We Provide You Only The Best

An air conditioner or AC is something which has now turned into an essential household requirement for people living in tropical and humid countries. It makes the lives of people comfortable. And with its modern technology and features, it helps in keeping the house warm during the winter and cold during the summer. Maintaining and keeping the household interiors comfortable is the prime aim of AC. There is various AMC quotation for AC when you think about servicing them.

You could always take help from us as we are experts in keeping your AC working efficiently. The advantages that you get to avail with AC are an exhaustive one, and some of the noteworthy are- it helps in maintaining a comfortable temperature of the room. We are the best AC maintenance near me who believe in providing the best to their customer, and that is our primary goal.   

Also, when the outside is too humid, it keeps you from feeling sticky and humid while staying inside. Nowadays, AC not only provides you with cold air but also saves you energy. With its five star rating, each company AC is manufactured, keeping in mind the requirements of the user. AMC rate for air conditioner is low with us, and we guarantee you that you would get the best help and service from us. 

What do the Modern AC Devices Contain that Require Timely Services?

Nowadays spending the hot day without the chill of the AC is unthinkable. This is the reason why many modern ACs now come with anti-dust filters, this way you do not have to clean the AC, but it would do it by itself. This truly is a great invention which comes with built-in-stabilizers and temperature variation so that you can set a temperature that you are cool with. We service all kinds of best low maintenance AC.

Also, they come with an auto functioning feature were just by setting some auto feature you do not have to worry about changing the temperature at every interval. If you are looking for a reliable AC service centre, then AC Service Center is your one-stop destination for services and all your AC related problems and queries. We provide AMC service for air conditioner at an affordable price and try to make your life easier.

Is Air Conditioner Service Required?

Just like any other equipment your AC requires servicing and care too with expert help. There are several reasons behind the question of why AC servicing is so crucial. With regular servicing, you are making sure that your AC can give you the best efficient cooling whenever you need it the most. Also, annual maintenance contract for air conditioner helps you to set up a time of regular interval when you could get your AC of any brand serviced by us.

The more efficient and clean your air stabilizer is the less amount of electricity would they consume to work effectively and have a higher rate of performance. Also, if you have any small or minor problems with your AC, then that could be adequately handled as well with regular servicing. With us, you get all kinds of services from centralised AC maintenance as well as general AC maintenance.

By taking help from us, you would be able to increase the efficiency of the AC to its original form by 95%. Dehumidifying is adequately done as well, and the more you take care of your AC, the more it reduces the cost of any surprise repairing.

What are the Different Types of AC Problems that Requires House AC Unit Maintenance?

Different Problems Observed in AC

Low Refrigerant and thus less cooling of the room

Frozen evaporating coils which do not help in absorbing the heat from the surroundings

If the condenser coil is too dirty, then it would not work well while removing the hot air from the exterior

The faulty motor which means the fans would not work properly

The problem in the thermostat

These are some of the problems that could be found on various models of ACs and are some of the most common types of issue that could be fixed with low maintenance AC servicing. Also, if the cooling ducts somehow start leaking, then that could cause some significant damage to your air conditioner as well. 

The duct through which the cold air is traveling and spreading throughout the room if the wall is leaked then the wind moves up inside the wall only without doing any good. This is the reason why prior low maintenance air conditioner servicing should always be done to stay out of any surprise AC problem. Get your window air conditioner maintenance done by us at affordable rates and with speedy service features.  

Sometimes the air that has been collected from your interior home must go somewhere. This is the reason why the air travels down a pipe, a pan, and then ultimately down a drain. But if the drain is only clogged, then there is a considerable chance that the AC would not be working correctly. We at AC Service Center provide you service related to all kinds of makes and models of AC brands. Thus whatever be your AC from split AC to commercial AC we provide maintenance free air conditioner service for all of them.

We also provide you with maintenance on the window air conditioner and however old the AC model is we would provide you with the parts if the necessity arises. If you ACs which you use for industrial areas or for portable use in schools and auditoriums we provide service for them as well. Room AC maintenance everything is done keeping in mind your schedule and your urgency for installing it again in your home so that you can enjoy the cold air.  

An expert would know how to do portable AC maintenance with easy steps that would solve all your air conditioner problems. We try our best when it comes to helping your AC have better longevity with the aid of our windows AC maintenance as customer satisfaction is of great importance for the company.

Purchase AC AMC Plan At AC Service Center

Under AC AMC plan (Annual Maintenance Contract) your ac receives periodic maintenance & repair services. All the electrical equipment needs regular maintain & repair facilities for better performance. Like all the electrical equipment your air conditioner also needs periodic maintenance services to achieve this AC Service Center offers you AC AMC plans. Hence having an AC AMC plan ensure you better AC performance.

Purchasing AC AMC plan at AC Service Center ensure that you will receive 100% satisfactory service. Our entire team & we sweat more to deliver you adequate services. We offer all the service of AMC by professional service engineers. An air conditioner always needs an expert hand because it contains several complex spare parts. If your ac receives any new side, then the chances of getting damage are very high.

Needs Of AC AMC Plan

All the electrical equipment has a certain lifespan but it can be increased if we provide it accurately maintains service at a regular time interval. An AC AMC plan helps you to achieve this quickly, without an AC AMC service periodic maintenances of an air conditioner is a little bit hard or costly. 

AC AMC services not only increase the life of an AC but it also increases the working capacity which is also beneficial for you. But all of these is only possible when your ac AMC services are done by a professional. Here we have a team of expert service engineers you deliver you the best or satisfactory service at your doorstep. 
AC Service Center entire team works hard to achieve customer satisfaction. Hence purchasing of AC AMC plan from AC Service Center can be a better option. For the more information about the AMC plan, you can contact AC Service Center customer service center. The customer care associate will help you with the proper guidance.

Price Of AC AMC Plan

The amount of the AC AMC plan varies, but here we provide you with this service at the lowest price. The cost of the AC AMC service varies according to various factors such as the brand of the ac unit, the city in which you live, types of coolant used in the AC & many others. But AC Service Center delivers you this service at an economical price inside in all the cities of India. 

We have created AC AMC plan by keeping in mind about the customer budget & requirement hence it is suitable for you, and its price is best according to the market standard. We not only provide you with this facility at the lowest price but also gives you by trained professionals who are always ready to deliver you AMC service at your doorstep without any hiccups. 

How To Purchase AC AMC Plan

AC Service Center has 24*7 customer support facilities hence you can contact us when you wish to do so. The customer care representatives are friendly and help you with all types of query related to the AC AMC plan.

You can also visit AC Service Center nearest branch to purchase the required AMC plan, but you can also buy this services by visiting AC Service Center website. For the more information about this contact AC Service Center customer care department.

Frequently Asked Questions

Various preventive maintenance costs need to apply at the time of self-service. By using some simple and practical steps to your home air conditioner, you can retain the supreme efficiency. The preventive measure includes all sort of maintenance requirements, including all self-cleaning and professional services.
Every air conditioner manufacturer suggests checking the air filter on a monthly basis. If you are using a non-reusable air filter, then it should be replaced every month. So, it solely depends upon the type of filter used in an air conditioner that needs to be maintained. The high level of environmental pollution forces to change the air filter because it accumulates most of the soil, weeds and other pollutants.
Like any other electric appliance, the air conditioner also needs to be in shape to offers tremendous benefits. So, only hire a trained AC service technician that has enough experience in doing so to provide optimal cooling in summer months. The regular AC maintenance lowers the stress from every single air conditioner spares.
The maintenance charge of an air conditioner makes up a large portion of overall AC unit purchase and maintenance cost. By choosing a high rating air conditioner system also lower the overall air conditioner maintenance price. The higher the star rating of an air conditioner unit that consumes minimum energy input.